We can custom paint anything (we won't copy other designer's work) onto any mesh you wish.
Cost: $30 an hour (wholesale pricing available)


Visit the Get an Estimate page for examples of our painting methods.
  1. Cheap, fast and quick- "Just Paint It" Our painter will paint onto mesh. The stitcher will make decisions on where to land thread at intersections.
  2. Moderate Expense- "Stitch Paint Key Areas, Shade and Blend the Rest" Key areas such as eyes, mouth, noses, flowers, houses, animals, etc. are stitch painted and the rest is just painted.
  3. Most Expensive- "Full Stitch Paint" Entire canvas is stitch painted. How you see it will be how it will turn out if stitcher is doing continental or basketweave.
  4. Charted- Design is fully charted so that the stitcher can easily count out design.

Getting Ideas of What to have Custom Painted:

  1. Go to http://images.google.com/ Type in whatever interests you (for example Daffodil, up will come 1000's of daffodils).
  2. You can choose an image and email it to russell@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com or painting@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com,and we will put together an estimate for you.

    Quick Sketch

    Detailed Sketch

    Completed Painted Canvas
  3. Belts- We can help you create a custom belt for that special someone. Pick out the person's favorite items ie. Tennis, golf, cars, dogs, boats, medical, initials, and so on. This is usually an easy, simple low cost custom painted project.
  4. Floral bouquet from a wedding- Send us the picture, and we can paint it. After you stitch it, we'll finish it into a pillow for a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime!
  5. Duplicate your favorite purse, clutch or bag. We have done many Louis Vuitton clutches. We build a template from the bag. Then you specify the image you want painted, and voila you have a Louis Vuitton style clutch with whatever pattern, initials, design, etc.
  6. Fabrics or rugs- Many of our customers have taken a picture of their dining room rug and we custom paint placemats, coasters, napkin rings, etc. An inexpensive route is to have one custom painted in China for duplication. This lowers your cost dramatically, but only if you are doing duplicates. you can also send a picture of your favorite fabric, and we can custom paint something similar to match your favorite room.
  7. Dining room chairs and BIG projects- For the ambitious needlepointer we can create templates for your dining room chairs. A recent customer from Mackinaw island in Michigan sent us one seat insert of the lead chair and one seat insert of the other six chairs. She requested a cohesive design to bring all the chairs together which we did with a pine cone and pine needle border and then her favorite scenes, all different, on the center of each chair. This can be a very ambitious project or can be done simply. Some customers have us stitch the backgrounds, and then they do the details, some vice versa. It just depends on the customer.
  8. Sports and school icons, emblems, logos and etc.- You can easily go to http://images.google.com/ (for example type in UPENN-University of Pennsylvania or whichever school you wish) and find the image you want us to custom paint. You can also go to the school's website and find the image. There can be trademark issues but since we are doing this type of duplication for personal use and not multiplicate duplication there are not problems.
  9. Ideas and suggestions are endless, especially with Google images. We are happy to discuss your interests on the phone, and one of the painters can formulate something special for you. All it takes is a phone call and a little conversation!

Contact Us For An Estimate - painting@rittenhouseneedlepoint.com