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On Custom Painting

If you want something custom painted it is $30/hour. We offer 5 different painting techniques to fit all budgets and experience levels. You may be surprised by how affordable custom painting can be. Keep reading to learn more about the techniques. 

Technique Options:

"Just Outline It" (pictured below) —fast and inexpensive. Our "outline" option is simply a detailed pencil outline of the scene that you would like to stitch. Each mark will fall on a stitch and areas of color change will be outlined. This technique is perfect for names, graphics and the experienced, creative stitcher who just wants a guideline to go off of and doesn't mind making color decisions. This is the least expensive option so if you're looking for something custom that doesn't break the bank, this is it!

Technique 1 - Another choice for those who are looking for an option that is easy on the wallet, Technique 1 is a great way to break into custom painting. In this technique paint is simply brushed on the canvas with no regard to the underlying canvas grid. Technique 1 features a lot of blending of colors and is great for experienced stitchers and those who like to get creative with specialty stitches. Give Technique 1 a try, you'll be surprised at what freedom it gives you in relation to stitch and thread choices!

Technique 2 - The great in-between, Technique 2 is a wonderful compromise between Techniques 1 and 3. In this technique, "key areas" are stitch painted (things such as text, outlines and facial details). For those who don't know, "stitch painting" is when each individual canvas intersection is painted a specific color so that the stitcher knows exactly where each color is intended to go. There is no guessing about whether a particular intersection is one color or another. Technique 2 is good for those who'd like to try specialty stitches and appreciate some freedom, but who also like to have the important areas clearly articulated for them.

Technique 3 - By far our most popular option, Technique 3 is the best choice for beginners and traditional stitchers ('basketweavers") as well as those who look at stitching as a more meditative craft. The entire piece is stitch painted. There is no guesswork as to where to "land" each color. This technique is for those who like clear, simple and strong guidance.

Technique 4 - Technique 4 is for advanced stitchers who like to also use thread blending techniques. It is completely stitch painted and it takes blended colors to their peak! The end results are very beautiful and great for those who like to experiment with their thread. The customer can dictate where they'd like the extra blending for perfect gradients. 

I, Russell have had many things custom painted and I always choose technique #3 as I like a meditative stitching process. Stephen, my partner can easily do technique 1, 2, 3 or 4 because he is often adding specialty stitches to his project and therefore going right over the stitch painted canvas.

Many people who do specialty stitches like to do them within a stitch painted canvas to designate the areas of interest, this is particularly helpful in technique 3 or 4. It really just comes down to what you want and your wallet desires.

I often get ideas from by entering some of my favorite topics/subjects and searching. Then I click on an image and find the original image and send that link to our painter and she/he gives me a cost for whatever dimension and mesh count I desire.

You can email me or call 215-563-4566 if it is easier or you have questions.